The Emoji Condoms Could Help In Safe And Protected Sex Campaign

The most popular birth control is a condom. A condom is a contraceptive that works to prevent pregnancy, also functions to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. There are several advantages of using condoms during sexual intercourse. If used correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing pregnancy and protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, using a condom is sometimes reduce the sensitivity of you or your partner, but it can actually make sexual activity may last even longer. Currently, there are various types of condoms in circulation, it is textured, there is also flavorful, there also has a variety of fruit flavors that can enhance the sexual experience with your partner. Some people sometimes feel uneasy or anxious when putting condoms because they are in a hurry when put it on. This is the reason why it could be ripped or damaged so you need to be really careful.

You could also enhance your sexual experience more with using emoji face condoms that available at Rip n Roll online store. Emoji is a complementary factor in communicating in social networks and mobile messenger. Emoji can be used for self-expression and its emotions. A study showed that 80 percent of respondents said that they are more easily express you using emoji, while 84 respondents are more comfortable talking about sex by using emoji. Emoji is expected to help the community in opening up during the discussion on safe sex it also increases their awareness of the importance of condom use to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and AIDS. That is why you could get the emoji face condoms for yourself and partner or you could give it as a gift to your friend. Just visit Rip n Roll online store to get the emoji face condoms that available in 12 characters of emoji and collect them now.

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