Horror Movies 2017

The horror genre is one genre that is much liked and widely feared as well. How did it happen? That is the greatness of the horror genre. Although it often makes many people fear, but horror movies are often made many people curious to watch, even though the person who will be curious about the timid horror movie. By visiting http://www.juaramovie.com, you now no longer need to queue up to buy movie tickets in order to watch your favourite horror movie.

Here are the ranks of the most anticipated horror films in the 2017’s:

– Annabelle 2
You remember his booming Annabelle 1? This year you will again see the story of a doll that’s scary.

– Insidious: Chapter 4
You must already be familiar with Insidious, Film always successful in every sequel this will make you shiver again in 2017.

– Split
It is a new horror movie, which tells the story of a man named Kevin who has 23 personalities. Wow, curious?

– Raw
Although the film that this one sounds familiar, but we are sure you will love this movie. Because the film is entered in seven nominations and won.

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