Some of the Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing activities generally include or revolve on matters relating to the manufacture of advertising products, prospecting or searching buyers and writing sentences marketing to sell products or services. These Internet marketing activities generally include digital services, digital products, and digital advertising by using digital banners as promotion through a search engine, electronic mail, and affiliation. You can use a program to help you with your internet marketing, for example, the amazing selling machine. You can read the amazing selling machine review here.

Effective Internet marketing activities include many strategies of search engine optimization, social networking, and pay-per-click advertising. Given the number of these strategies, continuous learning for this is very important.

Thus, there are dozens or even hundreds of tools to support the activities of internet marketing that you do, but not all of the tools you can use for free, most require a fee which is not exactly cheap. Briefly, here are some free internet marketing tools that you can try them for free.

1) Web Optimization Tools
To optimize website performance, you can use some free online tools below.
Open Site Explorer: Open Site Explorer (OSE) is a tool to increase your blog’s SEO.
Google Analytic: As the name implies, this is a tool created by Google to check the activities of visitors to your blog.
Google Trends: To find out what the trend in a country.

2) Email Marketing Tools
To help you in the promotion via email, please use the following online marketing tools.
MailChimp: Sending hundreds of emails automatically to subscribers.
Hemingway: online marketing tools that will help you to make an attractive offer.

3) Social Management Tools
Having hundreds of social media accounts is certainly inconvenient is not? For that, you can try some tools to manage your social media accounts.
Tweepi: Provides a wide range of automation features Twitter account.
HootSuite: the best tool to do the entire account management of your social media.
Bitly: To shorten the URL and also monitor the number of clicks.

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