An SEO expert should be able to protect website from negative SEO

Most of you may think about famous superheroes in the world when I ask you all about super hero. Superhero means someone who can give their best to help people. Believe or not, each of you can be the superhero since you have the desire to help people in the certain field. For instance, if you are able to help people grow their business due to your search engine optimization, it means you are an SEO hero. As the hero, of course, you must be able to do many things, including protecting the sites of your clients from negative SEO. Negative search engine optimization is the practice of the use of the black hat. The main purpose of this kind of SEO is to sabotage the rankings of the competitor in search engines. Sadly, some like to use this search engine optimization technique. In any case, there are the different forms of negative SEO attacks, such as:

1. Hacking the certain site
2. Building spammy links to the target site
3. Copying the content of your site or your client’s site
4. Creating fake social profiles to run online reputation

The next question each of you wants to ask if the negative SEO a real threat. Without any doubt, it could be the threat for any kind of websites. Preventing it is much easier than fixing. If you want to show your ability, try to find a great idea to protect the site of your client from any attack of negative SEO.

Below are some things you can do to prevent negative SEO attack:
– Set up Google webmaster tools email alerts
– Keep your backlinks profile’s track
– Having high protection of your best backlinks
– Secure your website from malware and hackers

This may sound so hard to do, but this is your big opportunity to show how you are able to be the next hero in the digital marketing world.

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